Besides the conditional suspension of prosecution is a settlement one way to settle a criminal matter without having to be decided on guilt and punishment.

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Protective treatment

It is a protective measure, not punishment. Stores are offenders who have committed a crime in connection with a disease or disorder or in relation to any misuse of addictive substances. Most often it is a protective treatment alcohol and drug, sexology, psychiatry, etc.

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Teen accused is a special designation, which is more than 15 years, but has not yet reached the age of 18. Such allegations must always be an advocate.

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Necessary advocacy

Every accused has a right to defend himself or through counsel. Advocate can be a person registered in the Czech Bar Association.

Each accused is therefore free to decide whether to defend themselves or whether they choose an attorney. In some cases, the accused must have defense counsel, and possibly against their will. 

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Evidence and assessment of evidence

In deciding the guilt or innocence of the accused by the court on the basis of evidence obtained in a criminal case out. In public, sometimes there are speculations about what can and can not serve as evidence in criminal proceedings. These rumors are completely useless because it can serve as evidence of anything that may help to clarify things.

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Perjury (false testimony correctly) is a criminal offense. In principle, everyone is required to attend the trial, or. to any other body acting in criminal proceedings and give testimony.

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